Face Mapping – What is going on inside?

Your skin is the largest organ of your body. Unlike your internal organs, your skin will visibly tell you if something is out of balance. Chinese Face Mapping, also known at Mien Shiang translates to “Face Reading”, is a 3000 year old practice. It is based on the belief that energy, Qi, flows to and from organs along invisible pathways otherwise known as Meridians. Holistically speaking, the body works together as a whole, when it is out of balance in one area, another will be affected. The body tries it’s best to maintain homeostasis (balance). Where there is a bodily imbalance, visible signs of stress will appear such as blemishes, redness, dryness, etc.

Forehead– The forehead is linked to the digestive system. Irritable Bowl, Food allergies, malabsorption of nutrients will play a role. Major contributors to symptoms and conditions can be caused by poor diet, stress and lack of sleep.

Temples and under eyes -These areas are linked to kidneys and bladder. These valuable organs are detox organs and when inflamed or stressed, it will show.

Eyebrows – The space between the eyebrows is linked to the liver. The liver is the powerhouse of the body and the main detox organ so stress from toxic, negative emotions and poor diet will play a major role in symptoms.

Eyes – Under the eyes is related to lack of bodily fluids (kidneys again) but also dehydration and stress leading to dark circles and puffiness.

Nose – The nose is split into two parts. The left side relates to the left side of the heart and the rights side relates to the right side of the heart. Besides an over production of sebum causing pimples and blackheads, according to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), redness, enlarged pores, blackheads can be attributed to high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

Cheeks – The cheeks are related to the stomach, spleen and respiratory system. Red cheeks and breakouts can be attributed to allergies, imbalances in the gut and immune issues.

Mouth -The mouth symbolizes digestion and colon with the possibility of liver as well. All in all, they are related to poor diet, allergies, emotions and stress.

Chin – The jawline and chin correspond with hormones and reproductive organs and once again, poor diet and stress. PMS, menopause and overall imbalance of hormones can cause breakouts in this area along with greasy foods.

As mentioned in the first paragraph, the body, such an amazing organism, does its’s best to maintain homeostasis. Unfortunately it cannot always do it without your help. Easy enough to say, however, managing stress levels, dealing with negative and unhealthy emotions, eating a healthy diet, identifying food allergies and of course a healthy skin regime will help support your body in doing this.

“Love your Skin”

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