Face Mapping – What is going on inside?

Your skin is the largest organ of your body. Unlike your internal organs, your skin will visibly tell you if something is out of balance. Chinese Face Mapping, also known at Mien Shiang translates to “Face Reading”, is a 3000 year old practice. It is based on the belief that energy, Qi, flows to andContinue reading “Face Mapping – What is going on inside?”

Electrocoagulation & Skin Tag Removal

This is a safe, non-invasive, effective treatment for embarrassing skin blemishes. This treatment is quick and virtually painless in which a slight pricking sensation is experienced. This treatment is used to address skin concerns such as skin tags, broken capillaries, ruby points (red marks), milia, spider angioma, seborrheic keratoses, calcium deposits & xanthelasma.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peeling is one of the nonsurgical aesthetic procedures meant to sustain a youthful appearance. Chemical peels are chemical agents used to induce an accelerated exfoliation of the outermost layers of the skin, allowing newer and healthier skin to present itself. This procedure is beneficial for improving the skin’s colour, tone, clarity & texture, collagenContinue reading “Chemical Peels”


Otherwise known as Collagen Induction Therapy (C.I.T.), or “the poor mans” Fractional Lasering, Microneedling is a revolutionary way to stimulate normal collagen production. After the skin is numbed, tiny needles penetrate the skin’s surface to the appropriate depth, depending on the area being treated and the client’s goals, ie. anti-aging, scar treatment, stretch marks, etc.Continue reading “Microneedling”


Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive procedure using a mechanical device to exfoliate the skin. Its deep exfoliation allows for deep penetration of products and renewal of new skin cells. It removes dead cells at a faster rate encouraging new cells and production of collagen. It can improve sun damage, wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, acne scarringContinue reading “Microdermabrasion”

5in1 Hydrafacial

This amazing facial system combines 5 beauty treatment options in one unit resulting in the ultimate facial. It deeply Exfoliates & Moisturizes(Hydradermabrasion), Skin Lifting by working the muscles in the face & neck using Bio Galvanic Microcurrents, Tightens the skin using Radiofrequency, Infuses products/nutrients into the deeper layers of the skin though Ultrasonic Soundwaves withContinue reading “5in1 Hydrafacial”

Photo Facial, Capillary & Hyperpigmentation Treatment

“Hollywood Peel” using Carbon Gel – This is a non-invasive, advanced photo facial using a Q-Switch Laser. It is known as the Hollywood Peel because celebrities have this treatment prior to any red carpet events. A creamy black mask is applied to the skin, which in combination with the laser achieves the following results: TheContinue reading “Photo Facial, Capillary & Hyperpigmentation Treatment”