Laser Hair Removal

Using a Diode Laser, which I do, is considered one of the most effective methods of unwanted hair removal and targets the pigmentation of the hair. Regardless of what you have heard, or your past experiences, this is a painless, effective treatment with long term if not permanent results. The target for the laser light is the melanin (pigmentation) in the hair and the type of laser and proper settings will determine the effect of the hair removal. One of the keys to permanent epilation is to impair the development of stem cells within the bulb of the hair follicle. In treating hair follicles, destruction of the blood supply within the bulb and the stem cells are key for successful hair removal. Your skin type, hair type, texture and ethnicity will be determined for the proper settings. Because hair grows in cycles —Active, Atrophy and Resting, and the hair on different areas of the body grow in different stages, hair loss is estimated at 4-6 sessions, based 4-6 weeks apart. With each treatment, most clients can expect 20%-30% hair loss. Enjoy a life without unwanted hair!

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